No-Till Farming is a permaculture method that promotes robust soil capable of producing delicious and nutritious produce with minimal fertilizers. We invite the Boise community to farm with us in harmony with the land, animals, and creatures who call it home. 

Healthy soil yields stupendous veggies! Building our soil through microbial inoculation, composting, mulching, and cover crops allows us to reduce our water use and fertilizer inputs. We only use locally manufactured, all natural fertilizers from companies like Freer Organics and Carp Solutions. We do not use synthetic chemicals on our farm. When it comes to seed selection, we only use natural, non GMO seeds. We take an organic and minimalistic approach to herbicide and employ an integrated pest management plan that includes beneficial species of bugs, companion planting, and our bug patrol team of chickens. Our happy herd of dairy goats is tested and inspected to ensure they are happy milk mommas. Our chickens and goats are pastured and enjoy a natural, non GMO diet. During the winter we feed our laying hens an all natural vegetarian chicken feed. Our farming practices are completely open source and open to the public. We offer tours and learning days regularly throughout the year.